Audi and Intel Discuss the Latest Developments in Automotive VR

SIGGRAPH 2017 hosted a number of new virtual reality (VR) reveals, including a new backpack PC from HP, the HP Z VR Backpack PC, and Nvidia’s Isaac-trained robot. Intel also made a big splash, working with Audi on a new automotive VR experience.

Audi VR Experience

In an interview with Magdalena Maczkowski and Erich Wohlmuth, representatives of Audi Business Innovation, Intel offers an inside look at the Audi VR Experience. Offering a virtual showroom, Maczkowski suggests that the car dealer has the opportunity to show a customer every model with every available customisation option, regardless of the amount of space available at the retail premises.

“The Audi Virtual Reality Experience is a great opportunity to show all models that are not available in the showroom,” states Maczkowski. “Space is limited. Costs are really high. So it’s great to have all models at one space.”

The Audi VR Experience is already live across a number of Audi Cities installations, including Munich, Berlin, London, Istanbul, and Paris. According to Maczkowski, in the future, Audi will be rolling out the technology into dealerships also.

The full interview with Maczkowski and Wohlmuth is available below, and VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest VR developments in the automotive industry.