More Carnage Awaits as Killing Floor: Incursion Heads to Paris

Today Tripwire Interactive has released its zombie shooter Killing Floor: Incursion for Oculus Rift with Touch support. On Sunday VRFocus released a gameplay video showcasing part of the first level, giving you a taste of the horrors that await. Now, with Killing Floor: Incursion’s launch out the way, it’s time to unveil one of the later areas ‘Paris’.

In stark contrast to the first level which was all open in some creepy woods, with lots of breathing space should too many monsters attack, the start of Paris is the complete opposite. Here you’re in some sewers, reasonably lit, but highly confined.

By now after finishing off two bosses players should have the gameplay mechanics down fairly well. Fully locked and loaded, in the video VRFocus is armed with dual pistols, a shotgun, and for close encounters a trusty axe. Plus there’s some grenades for those group situations and a new weapon to find, an assault rifle.

But lets say no more, checkout the full video below. As ever, keep reading VRFocus for all your VR news.