Multiplayer Drone Title Arena On Offer on Steam

Drones are lots of fun to play with, though they can be expensive, and difficult to repair if you accidentally destroy one engaging in an arena deathmatch with your other drone-pilot friends. Much cheaper and safer to do that sort of thing in virtual reality (VR) which you can with VR multiplayer title Arena.

Arena is a fast-paced multiplayer arena battler where you take control of flying drones to send them in to battle, either in teams or as a solo free-for-all, with other modes expected to be added as development on the title advances. Arena supports platform cross-play between non VR PC, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

The title is currently in Early Access, available for £5.59 (GBP) on its own, or in a bundle with developer surreal Games’ other VR drone title Drone Fighters for £8.43, a saving of 33%. The developers anticipate Arena remaining in Early Access for up to six months to add new features and polish the title. The developers are hoping to work closely with the community to improve Arena until it is ready for official release.

As a special event to celebrate the Early Access launch of Arena, the development team are offering a prize of a TBS Vendetta Racing Drone along with a bundle of themed merchandise worth $1,000 (USD) to the first player to reach ‘Drone Killer’, the hardest achievement available in Arena.

Further information and updates can be found on the Steam page.

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