Raw Data Hostile Takeover PvP Update With New Class Now Live

Raw Data Hostile Takeover PvP Update With New Class Now Live

Today Raw Data is receiving its latest update that includes a brand new class, brand new level, and brand new game mode, called Hostile Takeover, that introduces player-vs-player (PvP) gameplay. This new update, like previous updates, is entirely free for all owners of the game.

You can watch a teaser trailer for the update right here:

The new PvP game mode included with this update is a version of the classic “King of the Hill” mode you might recognize from other non-VR first-person shooter games. Two competing teams of up to five players vie for control of a central point. Whichever team reaches the 100% point threshold first is the winner. There are interesting dynamics at play as you must fight for control of the point, while also battling each other, and keeping an eye out for power-ups around the map. There aren’t many VR games doing this sort of high-intensity action-packed competitive multiplayer yet.

“Going to battle against other human players in VR is insanely exciting, and now you can fight online as your favorite Raw Data heroes, putting your skills and style to the ultimate test.  Our community has been asking for player vs player combat and we are thrilled to be delivering this PvP expansion. For free,” said James Iliff, Survios Chief Creative Officer and Co-founder.  “Now you can be an awesome badass and hone your technique in the most fast-paced and visceral combat experience yet.”

On top of that there is also a brand new class now that is focused on using a bow and arrow for a weapon, which adds more variety on top of the existing gun, sword, and even fist-wielding characters already in the game. There will also be a 2nd PvP game mode when the game eventually exits Early Access later this year, but Survios isn’t ready to talk about that just yet.

Additionally, Survios has announced that, in relation to San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) next week, they will be releasing seven different comic stories during the convention. The first entry, “Promotion Material” will kick things off by revealing the backstory of Simon Teller, a robotic sidekick in the game.

“It felt like the world of Raw Data was too big to be just a game,” said Jonathan Callan, Survios Senior Writer.  “We love comics, and we wanted each creator to bring his or her own style, to help spotlight all the different stuff that we know about this world that the player might not get to see.”

Finally, more actual story elements will be added to the game itself once things evolves beyond Early Access. Everything from audio recordings, briefings between missions, character transcripts, and other narrative unlocks will add to the lore of it all as you play. Those pieces are still being held back for this update, though. The focus this time around is the new game mode and new class.

Raw Data is slated to release out of Early Access sometime this September, although a specific date is not set. Currently the game is available for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift with a PSVR version coming later this year too.

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