RECOIL Turns Your World Into A Videogame Using AR

A company called Skyrocket has announced it has developed a way to use augmented reality (AR) technology that allows players to turn any outdoor space into a multiplayer battle arena where they can take part in first-person shooter inspired gameplay while running around a physical location.

Called RECOIL, the technology creates a wi-fi game hub that allows a 500-foot diameter area where players can create things like barricades, bunkers and snipers nests using whatever is around them. Players attach their mobile phones to haptic-enhanced weaponry, which then allows the smartphone to act as a type of HUD, showing rules of engagement as well as tracking things like health and ammo levels.

The haptic weapons provide realistic recoil, and 3D audio is available to allows players to hear where weapons fire is coming from. A voice chat feature lets team coordinate their attacks, or even throw taunts at the enemy. The RECOIL mobile app shows the locations of every gamer in the area – similar to a mini-map in most FPS titles. The GPS tracking allows layers to accomplish location-based objectives that can be integrated into the environment, such as a mission to capture and hold a particular hill.

RECOIL is an explosive new experience where reality has finally caught up to our imaginations,” said Skyrocket’s Senior Marketing Director, Craig Mitchell. “Couches become cover. Trees become barricades and cadets become legends. With RECOIL, Skyrocket is reinvigorating play by using technology to get people outside, off the couch and interacting with friends in the real world. Truly, The World Is Now Game.”

The application and the required hardware is planned to be available for distribution at major retailers from 15th August, 2017. Pre-orders for the title are available, with customers who order the RECOIL Multiplayer Star Set, priced at $129.99 (USD) receiving a free ‘grenade’. Further information can be found at The World is Now website.

A trailer for RECOIL is available to view below.

VRFocus will bring you further information on RECOIL as it becomes available.