Life In 360°: White Into Green

We’re off on our travels for 360 degree videos once more, and this time there’s an environmetal message in today’s Life In 360°. Which is being brought to you by Discovery’s Seeker VR team.

Seeker VR took a trip to Patagonia, which for those that aren’t aware is the souternmost part of South America. An area shared by both Argentina and Chile but not exactly Mexico City when it comes to the density of population. In fact the area is very sparcely populated indeed. The largest city in the region is the Argentinian city of Neuquén with just over 345,000. The second highest city has just over 175,000 residents.

What it does have is plenty of is natural wonders, and it contains a variety of enviroments with mountain ranges (the lower half of the Andes) and everything from deserts to grassland and more. For added contrast the area also has a number of glaciers. Or it does at the moment, with the exception of one shown in the video which is stable and, actually, growing somewhat. Glaciers elsewhere in the region are disappearing at a very fast rate indeed. The team takes you around to various locations. It’s quite amazing to see these areas full of dusty rocks or greenery that not that long ago were totally covered in ice.

You can see the video below.  As always you can see it in just on YouTube directly or by using a compatible head-mounted display (HMD).  VRFocus meanwhile will be back with another selection from