Gadget-Bot Talk About Kaidro: The Awakening in These Dev Diaries

If a race of giant aliens that wielded superhuman abilities invaded and orphans you, what do you do? Well, if we’re to believe the story of Kaidro: The Awakening, you don’t get much choice in the matter – it’s off to the military with you to pilot 9 foot mechs. It’s certainly not a worst-case scenario, and using the power of virtual reality (VR), you can pilot mechs too…

Gadget-Bot’s narrative RPG follows the story of Ava, a young girl who is pushed into the military due to circumstances out of her control. The game follows her character arc, as she learns of her place and the world and does her best to bring peace to all – while killing a whole bunch of creatures in a mech, of course.

Kaidro: The Awakening screenshot 6

Now Gadget-Bot have released a couple of Developer Diaries, telling us more about Kaidro: The Awakening, Ava, and the world and story they want to immerse players in. You can view both Developer Diaries below.

We played Kaidro: The Awakening at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2017, remarking; “While still in its early stages Kaidro: The Awakening does have its promising ideas, it looks good and handles well. Definitely looking like a title that’s geared towards action rather than a cerebral challenge – it is a mech videogame after all – hopefully Gadget-Bot can provide enough of a dynamic challenge and variety to make Kaidro: The Awakening an impressive title.”

The passion and drive the developers hold is clear in the Developer Diaries below, where they talk more about the vision they want to bring to life.

As soon as there’s more information on Kaidro: The Awakening, we’ll bring it to you, so make sure to keep reading VRFocus for all of the latest on VR videogames and experiences.