Star Ocean Producer Heads new VR Division for Monobit

Japanese studio Monobits announced the opening of a new virtual reality (VR) division today, helmed by Yoshinori Yamagishi, who’s previously worked as producer on the Star Ocean series at Square Enix.

A few days ago Yamagishi confirmed his departure from Square in a tweet, teasing details regarding today’s announcement. With the new appointment the new division aim to build a VR massively multiplayer online RPG (MMORPG).


Yamagishi said in a statement on “Over the years I have served as Producer of RPG title, such as Star Ocean Series, Valkyrie Profile Series etc. at SQUARE ENIX, but this time Monbit Company has decided to produce RPG contents by VR.

“Although VR is a genre that just started to move, I believe that it is a genre that surely grows in the future and has all the possibilities. Among them, the genre called RPG is a flower form of the game, I am convinced that it is a game genre that can offer infinitely interesting entertainment, making the best VR-MMORPG contents making full use of the know-how of game production that I have gained so far We would like to come on.

“And furthermore, since we are hoping to produce completely new VR contents making full use of VR production know-how, please expect it.”

Founded in 2015 by President and CEO, Kotaro Honjo, Monobit Co.,Ltd has a middleware division that develops and sells a real-time communication engine called “Monobit engine”. Utilising the company’s knowledge of cutting-edge network technology it also aims to create a “VR Cloud”, providing an online environment that’ll help smooth VR content creation for developers whilst creating a social VR portal for worldwide use.

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