Along Together Is An Adventure Game Where You’re The Imaginary Friend

Along Together Is An Adventure Game Where You’re The Imaginary Friend

In January of last year, indie developer Turbo Button took to the world of Adventure Time and gave VR gamers a solid adventure title. Our writer declared it a trip worth taking, only being disappointed that it was such a short experience at about 90 minutes. Nevertheless, Adventure Time: Magic Man’s Head Games and Floor Plan were both solid VR entries and the team is gearing up to share another at next week’s GDC. Spotted on Twitter, Turbo Button is returning to the adventure/platforming genre with an original trek called Along Together.

Exclusively on the Google Daydream platform, Along Together is a platformer/puzzler where you guide a young girl across a vibrant landscape as you look for a lost companion. It’s not entirely clear what situation caused them to be separated from the companion, though.

The player takes on the role of the girl’s imaginary friend (which makes you not so imaginary right?) and can manipulate objects out of reach of the main character with the Daydream controller and guide her so that she can move forward across a dozen levels. Those levels will be accented by a completely original full-length soundtrack.

Adventure Time: Magic Man’s Head Games had cool ideas but the length made it feel like a well-designed tech demo. Along Together has the same vibrant and joyful aesthetic and art direction of the Adventure Time game and, over next week, we’ll have an opportunity to get a closer look at GDC to see if Turbo Button has another winner on their hands.

Hopefully, the ideas that the development team was able to experiment with in their previous titles will lend to a more meaty game in Along Together. If you’re also attending GDC, the Turbo Button team will be at Google Daydream booth 1424. The game has no set release date yet but Turbo Button is planning for 2017.

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