Latest ‘The Unspoken’ Update Brings a New Arena, Artifact, Guardian and More

Insomniac Games’ Oculus Rift and Touch exclusive magic dueller just got a sizeable update which bringing welcome elements such as a new Chicago arena, misdirection oriented Dark Tag artifact and a brand new guardian by the name of Bridge Wraith.

One of the most important aspects fuelling any modern multiplayer title’s longevity is the ability for the developer to keep the player base engaged. One of the best ways to do that is to keep a steady drip feed of new content and gameplay aspects flowing to keep those players coming back. Seems Insomniac Games is managing this pretty well, with the latest ‘arcane update’ for their multiplayer online magic duelling title The Unspoken bringing a handful of new features alongside some background updates.

First up is a new artifact for magicians to cast. Described by Insomniac as an aide to player misdirection, the new Dark Tag artifact enables the obfuscation of your opponent’s view of the battlefield, giving you time to summon a guardian or position yourself at an advantage.


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Next is the latest addition to your choice of guardians, in this case the ‘Bridge Wraith’, an enormous “interdimensional” being which will freeze your opponent on their pedestal, giving you the opportunity to blast them with a follow up attack.

Finally, players now have a new arena to battle in – again based in the game’s primary location of Chicago. The new ‘Lockport Bridge’ environment features scenery (ice columns specifically) which build over the course of a battle, leaving the players to adapt to new topography as it happens.

And on that note of keeping the player base engaged, Insomniac Games’ Studio Director Chad Dezern has promised more content to come in 2017 – with more updates along the lines of the above as well we new modes. We detailed a few of those upcoming changes in a piece last year.

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