Practicality Vs Opportunity – The Reality Of Making Hololens Games By A Hololens Developer

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies are ever changing, ever developing and ever evolving. When you look at each system/head-mounted display each has their own advantages, their own selling points for buyers and developers alike but what’s it like to actually work with the hardware itself?

hololens - Rome

Of the systems out there perhaps the one that is the most of an unknown quantity is the Hololens. Microsoft’s $3,000 mixed reality system is looking to acquire the best of both worlds in terms of VR and AR and is also targeting social and research. It’s already being used for finance, architecture and design, making services more than you could ever think possible – and of course silliness.

‘Opportunities are there for game makers’, as Microsoft has said previously. But what is the reality of making games for Hololens? If you are wondering then there’s good news courtesy of GDC who have recently put up a session video from last year’s VRDC event on that very subject.

Hololens developer Ralph Barbagallo goes into what you can expect for HoloLens’ gaming capabilities and offers some tips and tricks to working around areas where it it currently lacking. You can find the video itself below.

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