Lumiere Award Winners Team Up To Create The Virtual Content Group

Lumiere Award Winners Team Up To Create The Virtual Content Group

As VR technology grows, companies will be crossing over into uncharted waters. Many will blaze independently with their ideas, but collaboration is a certainty as well. China and the United States are major players in the virtual reality industry, but certainly aren’t the only ones coming to the table and investing a lot of time and money into immersive tech. We previously reported on a collective including HTC Vive, Sony, and many others that would work together to harness the potential of immersive technology.

The Virtual Content Group (VCG) is a new team composed of French, German, and Australian firms specializing in the experiences born of this technology, and they’re gearing up for expansion after taking home a couple Lumiere awards from the VR Society.

Australia’s 3D Content Hub, Germany’s INVR.SPACE, and France’s Cow Prod are the entities that make up the VCG and their branded work for Samsung and BMW (blended 360-degree video with augmented reality) earned them one Lumiere, with the 360 CGI work based on the Temptation of St. Anthony oil painting by Bosch earning them the other. The awards are given to work that highlights impactful technological achievements.

The VCG has more than 150 VR works they’ve produced and co-produced with creators from 13 different countries. The companies that make up the VCG have a collective client list spanning from Disney to Deutsche Telekom. The group is looking to raise investment.

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