Life In 360°: The Power Behind The Piece

It’s Friday yet again, and as we get set to bid farewell to October and welcome in November we come to the end of a trilogy of more serious pieces with a brief look at the people and services behind the growing wave of 360 degree adverts and other virtual reality (VR) pieces.

Companies like OmniVirt for example, who this month brought 360 degrees to The Washington Post for the first time with a three-part series, made in partnership with Lexus, about NASA Mission Control. You can see the video below.

OmniVirt is one of several companies now bringing such experiences to ‘mainstream’ press, changing a simple behind the scenes into something a little more. Or, as they themselves put it in a recent blog:

“The challenge today for brands and marketers investing in Virtual Reality is distribution and discovery. By enabling a publisher like The Washington Post and a brand like Lexus to drive discovery of a fully immersive VR experience right from an embed with not need to download a special VR app, we believe we are paving the wave for Virtual Reality to become even more mainstream.”

You can learn more about their services in this video:

VRFocus will be back on Monday with another example of Life In 360 degrees.  Be sure to check out the website over the rest of today and the weekend for more news and discussion on both VR and augmented reality (AR).