Date Given For Oculus Touch Controllers on Amazon Along With Pre-Orders

It seems as though waiting around for the announcements today during the Oculus Connect 3 event in San Jose, California, isn’t completely necessary to find out when you could be getting your hands on the Oculus Touch controllers, because Amazon has already revealed the exact date and has started pre-orders.

It is on Amazon UK that the pre-orders and date has come up, which is 23rd November, and for £189.99 (GBP). However, over on Amazon US the controllers are still unavailable, but there is the date of 31st December below for its release, which of course doesn’t match up completely with the UK listing.

Oculus Touch on Amazon UK

Back in September a major German partner with Oculus, Media Markt, where the launch date of 21st November was given, which is of course closer to that of the UK than the US Amazon listing. As well as this, GAME previously leaked the price of the Oculus Touch controllers, and this turned out to be true.

It is hard to tell which of these are the most accurate without having an official announcement, which is expected to be made today during the first Keynotes of Oculus Connect 3. However, you could probably place a bigger bet on the UK listing as there are pre-orders available.

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