Beautiful VR Adventure ‘Alice VR’ Arrives On Rift And Vive This Month

Beautiful VR Adventure ‘Alice VR’ Arrives On Rift And Vive This Month

Get ready to take another tumble down the virtual rabbit hole; Alice VR is set to arrive on both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive later this month.

Developer Carbon Studio today confirmed that this intriguing VR adventure game will arrive on PCs on October 27th. Along with support for the major VR headsets, it will also be playable on standard monitors and with OSVR’s Hacker Dev Kit. Carbon has also launched a new developer diary for the game filled with fresh footage, which you can see below.

In Alice VR you crash land on a strange alien planet. Played in first-person using a gamepad, you set out to find fuel for your ship, but quickly discover the the planet’s inhabitants have vanished, leaving you to decipher exactly what has transpired. You’ll solve puzzles as you explore the strange landscape, using gravity ramps to walk on city walls and jumping in buggies to traverse vast deserts. Clues are littered all over the place, including BioShock-esque audio diaries. As the name suggests, it’s a loose adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s legendary novel, Alice in Wonderland.

A price for the title hasn’t been confirmed, but anyone that picks it up will also get digital goods like the game’s soundtrack, an art book, behind-the-scenes footage of the making of it, and wallpapers for your desktop.

We played Alice VR back at Gamescom this year and found a game that was a little dated by modern VR standards, but still stunning to look at with a promising story to boot. Like The Assembly and the upcoming Weeping Doll, it could be one of the last entries in a genre of games that strictly sticks to gamepad.

We’ve reached out to the team to find out if a PlayStation VR version of the game is possible.