Namco to Open VR Skiing and Horror VR Sim in Nagakute Mall in December

A couple of months ago now VRFocus reported on the arrival of a Gundam virtual reality (VR) experience coming to VR Zone Project i Can in Japan from Namco, and now the company is bringing another VR experience there in the form of a skiing and horror sim to Mall Nagakute at the end of this year.

According to a press release on Namco’s Japanese site, there will be the grand opening of the first VR amusement facility of its kind in the shopping center, and comes after the popularity of VR Zone Project i Can. This isn’t quite as extensive as it, and there are two experiences that can be tried out that have been outlined: Skiing Rodeo, which is a steep downhill experience simulation, and Escape Ward Ω (Omega), which is a horror room experience. On top of these two there will be a third experience yet to be named. There will also be a crane in the amusement area, just the same as in original arcades where there will be various prizes to be won.

nagakute namco

This will all be taking place in the named Namco Ion Mall Nagakute Shop where it will start on the 9th December of this year, and it will be open from 10am till 10pm.

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